"One should offer the body something good, so that the soul has a desire to dwell
in it."



You can enjoy selected dishes and snacks, corresponding wines, drinks and ice cream specialties always fresh. On these pages you will find our current food and drinks menus. You have the option of opening the menus directly by clicking on them or downloading them.


Our menu is guaranteed to offer something for every taste. From small snacks to tasty specialties and seasonal and regional dishes, there is something for every preference.
If you have a special request, don't hesitate to contact us directly. We will do our utmost to satisfy every taste.
If you have any questions about allergens and ingredients, simply speak to our staff. In addition to the labeled and declared ingredients of each dish, you will receive further information on request.
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Our drinks menu offers a wide range of different coffee and tea specialties, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Together with our supplier fritz-kola, we are also expanding our sustainability concept in the area of soft drinks.
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